I’ve been called a designer, strategist, and connector; but really, I’m just an Egyptian-American who calls Chicago home, and believes that relationships are the most powerful engines for change. Through The Leap Year Project, a self-made Master’s Program and community project, I worked with an array of remarkable companies and individuals around the world. I staged my graduation at TEDxWindyCity, co-produced a book about taking leaps, and recently launched Experience Institute, joining forces with industry leaders from Leo Burnett, Stanford’s, and i.c. Stars to design a new type of higher education rooted in real-world experience.

Things I’ve been a part of:
Experience Institute
Leap Year Project
Glasshouse Racine
Digital Physical
Greenhouse Fellowship
EPIC Board of Directors
Chicago Global Shapers
Chicago Ideas Week CO-OP
TEDxMidwest Emerging Leaders
The GOOD 100
Tech.Co’s Top 20 Startup Founders Under 30 (Chicago)
Forbes 30 Under 30


Leap Year Project Book Trailer