Getting Lost


I took another left turn. Everything looked the same, farmland for as far as the eye could see.

The sun was setting.

I was looking for a street sign with a mix of numbers and letters. But signage wasn’t a priority in this little community.

Another left turn. I felt like I was driving in circles.

Night had officially fallen.

The event was supposed to start in thirty minutes and I was supposed to be on stage shortly after. I wanted to drive faster, but I had to do the opposite.

Then cell phone reception dropped. No GPS. I drove with two hands on the wheel, as if I was trying to feel my way through the night.

I was so lost.

I happened upon a sleepy little gas station. Two pumps. One bathroom. And a gray-haired attendant. He could tell I wasn’t from the area.

I explained the place I was looking for. He had heard of it!

We shared a quick laugh about how hard it is to navigate these roads.

He gave me my bottle of water on the house, along with a map where he’d handwritten my directions.

Within twenty minutes, I saw the gleaming lights and heard chattering voices.

I’d made it.

Being lost always comes before finding your way. There’s no telling how long it will last, but move slowly – pause if needed, take care of yourself, be surprisingly kind to others…and keep going.