Giving Gold


Have you felt it lately?

The world seems a bit more off than usual.

It’s as if there’s a national head-cold going around. More people are groggy, grumpy, and calling in sick more than usual. Because of that, people are turning to an array of things to find solace.

But the best medicine isn’t more money or more entertainment or more stuff.

It’s encouragement.

The act of helping your friends, communities, and teams look ahead and see opportunity, or to look at one another and see possibility, that’s what drives people forward through challenging times.

One of my most talented bosses used to start each week with a “Monday Morning Stand” where each of us would share one celebration from the prior week. It led us to an array of high fives, cheers, and congratulations.

Every. Week.

It was such a memorable practice that I carried it over to Ei when we began.

Yes, some weeks are challenging. But we believe that encouraging one another helps us see our own potential.  And driving towards that potential is what leads us to reaching it. That’s why we celebrate our accomplishments and point out growth after we finish projects.

Some may think compliments and encouragement are signs of weakness or a shallow need for validation. But sincere and honest encouragement is gold. It’s fuel. It’s what good, kind, and driven people are made of. And it’s what they give.

It will seem odd to dole out compliments without notice, especially when the world seems to celebrate the brute, brash drive of the loudest voices. Encouragement can seem odd or awkward.

But as George Bernard Shaw once said:

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.”

Your team, your community, and our world needs your encouragement. Especially now.

The best part?
This is something you can do today.

Send an email or text message.
Make a call.
Write a note.
Pull someone aside.

You can even do it now. It only takes a few moments and it will make their day. Maybe even their week.

And I have a feeling it will make yours too.

Have a great Wednesday,

ps: If you decide to encourage someone today, let me know. I’d love to know the story. Send a note on any social channels to @victorsaad. Looking forward to hearing from you!