She didn’t know it would be so high. All she knew was that it felt higher than she’d ever been.

She looked down.
Stepped back.
Walked to the edge again.
Looked down again.
Stepped back.

She repeated this sequence several times.

Every so often, the fear would steal her breath and replace it with doubt.

She was too old for this.
She wasn’t in the right shape.
She’d never done it before.
She could get hurt.
It wasn’t worth it.

“It’s easy to walk back down. I saw someone else do it. That’s what I should do.” she thought to herself.

She stopped standing at the edge.
She felt safer a few steps back.
She leaned on the railing.
She contemplated.

She couldn’t go back now. She was here. Others had gone before her. They were better for it. She knew this wouldn’t be easy before she came. The decision to back out now would follow her. She’d regret it.

“This won’t kill me. At least, I don’t think it will.”



Your turn.

Inspired by Ten Meter Tower, a mini-doc by Maximilien Van Aertryck and Axel Danielson that was recently featured in the New York Times.