One Thing at a Time


There’s an unspoken expectation of everyone in society. It’s so prevalent and so common, that we’ve all been poisoned and no one knows it.

Every so often, someone will point it out. We gasp at its presence and vow to avoid it at all costs. Yet, as quickly as the air rushed into our lungs, we forget and accept it.

It’s the expectation that we should do more.

It drives us to want to create more things. Make more money. Cram more into each day. Complete multiple tasks at once.

It’s why we text and drive.
Try to schedule two meetings with different people around the same time and place.
Open multiple tabs in our browsers.
And why our task lists and folder systems and notification settings are all overly complicated…(or even that there are programs specifically designed to handle those things).

Everyone is expecting more of you. Your parents. Your peers.Your managers. Those who went before you. Those who are watching you.

Because you are privileged.
You are smart.
More translates to better.
You should be able to do more.

This is tyranny. The expectation is enough to not only drive you mad, but also keep you from your best work and relationships.

There is a reason that when you see the finer things in life, they are more simple.

Healthy dishes, well-made cars, timeless furniture, solid crafts. There is less involved – less ingredients or bells and whistles or “extras.” Our best products or experiences bring about a sense of calm. And the few details that remain have been agonized over. That’s why they are considered sophisticated, elegant, smart. The maker decided “more” wasn’t their target. Instead, they aimed for excellence and longevity.

As you can, do a few things well. The less the better.
You’ll fly further, higher, and be able to help others do the same.