Three things that matter most…


There are only three things that matter:
Why you’re here.
Where you fit in.
Who you’ll be.

That’s it.

Not money. Power. Prestige. Possessions. Looks.
Or anything else temporary.

Knowing why you’re here gives you purpose. When you have a deeper purpose, your character has a true north. It’s what guides your small decisions – the ones you make when no one is looking.

A sense of fitting in with someone or a community gives you confidence. When you start new relationships, you don’t need something from those individuals. You begin to give more and take less. The more you feel like you belong, the more you can give.

Knowing who you want to become guides the big decisions: where you go to school, what job(s) you take, where you live, who you marry. When you get lost, look at the vision of who you hope to be. Then, go that direction.

Your responses to these questions may overlap. They should. But they should also be different enough for you to have a few anchors for how you live your life.

And don’t worry about figuring all of this out at once. You may drive yourself crazy. But when you start to worry about the things that will fade, come back to these questions. Wrestle with them. Discuss them. Remind yourself of how you answered them in the past and notice how your answers are evolving.

Everything else will, and should, matter far less.