What to talk about this Thanksgiving


I’m currently on a road trip with two hilarious and delightful people. The three of us love Thanksgiving as much as the next high-metabolism-home-cooked-meal-eating-young-adults.

But we agree that there is a sense of collective national trepidation walking into Thanksgiving conversations. Kids are worried about traveling home. Parents are worried about extended family members making outlandish claims. And everyone just wants to make it through the rest of this week without any relational casualties.

Wherever you stand on the issues, chances are you need other things to fill the time besides discussions about politics and the state of our future. So, Miranda, Jay, and I have created a short list of topics that aren’t quite as heavy or contentious – all of which has been compiled and delivered from the back seat of a light gray, 2012 Honda CRV while driving along Highway 55.

Thanksgiving Topics:
What should Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year have been? 2016 was Post-Truth.

What’s going to happen in the next season of Stranger Things?

How about the next season of West World?

Why did Kanye West cancel his world tour?

Would you have applied for Mars One?

Re-watch the Cubs World Series…especially Game 6 and 7.

Mannequin Challenge youtube videos.

Discuss which podcast are you listening to right now? If you’re listening to political podcasts, move on.

Google everyone who was just given a Medal of Freedom by Obama. Inspiring.

Teach everyone at the table how to Dab.


Whatever happens, don’t forget to simply share how grateful you are for the people and moments you hold most dear. Relationships are the most powerful engines for change. Be good to those closest to you and that goodness will spread.

Thanks for being good to me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

From the back seat,